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Ready. Set. Go Mosaic Multiview.

A viewing experience specifically for you. Interactivity and customization; these are the expectations of sports fans nowadays. Especially with more and more fans being digital natives, a classic directors cut doesn’t cut it anymore. Mosaic Multiview fills exactly this need.

Let’s take a look at a motocross race. Fast paced and action packed, yet fans miss a lot of action that gets removed from the final broadcast. Why not show all the streams? Mosaic Multiview enables an interface where multiple camera streams are displayed simultaneously. That way each fan creates a viewing experience that fits exactly their needs. They can follow a POV view of their favorite rider, keep an eye on the competition, follow the map and even see live statistics. In principle, the viewer follows the race better than the actual rider!

Unlimited streams

Previous multiview solutions limit the number of streams a service provider displays. With Mosaic Multiview, an unlimited number of video streams are shown on one screen. Hence, service providers stream as many video feeds simultaneously as they wish.

So many feeds on one screen typically means there is a higher bandwidth. However, Mosaic Multiview only fetches streams in the size and resolution displayed on the screen. That makes this solution fast and responsive and therefore perfect for live content.


To reach millions of users around the globe is no new concept, but every user being able to individually personalize their viewing experience with infinite feeds, that is only possible with Mosaic Multiview.

Mosaic Multiview enables many possibilities to personalize the experience. From feed placement to hiding/enlarging feeds, each user decides what, where and how they want to see content on their device. Special to Mosaic Multiview, the per-user processing occurs on the device and only the streams which the individual user is watching are actually fetched. This gives way for more customization, smooth streaming and cost efficiency.

Massive scalability

A common challenge with multiview is that it can either be customizable or massively scalable. As Motocross fans are around the world, it is important to make this content personalized and available to millions of fans globally. This, is of course possible with Tiledmedia’s Mosaic Multiview.

The key to this problem is that our solution requires no edge processing and each stream only requires a single encode. Further, it only uses a single video decoder to decode all the Mosaic Multiview streams. Fans can then access it via their devices like tablets, phones or smart TVs and therefore reach fans anywhere and on any device they prefer.


On the whole, Mosaic Multiview brings possibilities to action packed sports like Motocross in a way that can be experienced nowhere else. Infinite possibilities for a user friendly and simple to use interface. Let fans enjoy motocross races and never have them miss a crash, a jump or the finish line ever again.

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June 10, 2022

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Nina Gray

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