Tiledmedia SDK now available for Pico 4


Tiledmedia SDK now available for Pico 4

Fall is here, for us that means shorter days and longer nights, but it also means cool new media devices being released! 2022 is no different, as Pico officially released its next all-in-one VR headset: the Pico 4. A very nice device indeed.

For years, Pico has been a close partner of Tiledmedia, as they provide us with excellent hardware to show off the power of our software solutions. We think the fact that Pico has been acquired by the social media giant Bytedance very much proves that VR streaming has a bright future. It will make the VR ecosystem richer and more dynamic as a result.

Pico was kind enough to send us a dev kit – like they’ve always done with their newest devices! Our dev team was eager to get our software to work on the Pico 4. The Tiledmedia SDK worked right out of the box and it only took a few days to port our demo application as well. We can proudly announce that the Pico version of the Tiledmedia Player works on the Pico 4.

The Pico 4 is a big step forward both in terms of hardware and software. Its form factor, low weight, improved tracking, RGB passthrough and somewhat higher screen resolution will all help in getting more people to use it for a longer duration compared to previous devices. And with Bytedance’s support and a pro-active interaction with ecosystem partners like Tiledmedia, Pico can offer its customers a wide range of cool games, VR streaming platforms, social media and training applications.

Contact us at [email protected] if you want to try the Tiledmedia Player for Pico and have a look for yourself! You can check out 12K VR content, spatial audio, plus you can test some of your own content on it if you want. Or maybe you want to get going with the SDK? We can send you a fully functional evaluation copy.

The lastest (v9) release of the Tiledmedia Player SDK supports the highest quality VR and our recent “Mosaic Multiview” technology. Mosaic Multiview allows showing many virtual screens in a headset, with incredibly responsive interaction options.

We look forward to our continued partnership with Pico and we can’t wait to see the cool new use cases that will surely drop in the near future!


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November 3, 2022

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Glenn  van der Meer