ClearVR Powers First Global Live 8K VR Distribution

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26 Aug – ClearVR Powers First Global Live 8K VR Distribution

See 8K Live VR360 streaming in action during IBC 2019 – wherever you are, even if you’re not attending!

  • If you are at IBC, schedule a meeting and a demo. You can see ClearVR at work in the Intel, MediaKind, Harmonic, BT, and Google stands!
  • If you are not at IBC, download the IBC 360 Live app from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store or the Oculus Store, and tune in during IBC show hours.
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In a unique cooperation with IBC, Intel, Akamai, Google, Iconic Engine, KPN, Oculus and Voysys, we enable worldwide distribution of 8K Live content from IBC. The team will stream 5 days of live 8K VR: from Intel’s Visual Cloud Conference on Friday 13 September, and from the IABM Future Trends Theatre Saturday 14th to Tuesday 17th. This world-first 8K VR  distribution project is built with products that are all commercially available today from the project’s partners.

Live VR 360 at 8K – Intel, Hall 15.MS30
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ClearVR is at the heart of an impressive line-up of partners showing a really cool demo during IBC: full-time live VR360 streaming at high-quality 8K resolution from IBC to viewers worldwide.

Anyone anywhere in the world can download the IBC 360 Live app and tune in during IBC show hours, from Friday 13 September 13:30 CEST to Tuesday 7 Sept 12:00 noon CEST. On Friday, you will be able to virtually attend Intel’s Visual Could Conference, where can switch between two cameras. Starting Saturday, you can attend any talk you wish from the IABM Future Trends Theatre, which as a program chock-full of interesting presentations.

Perhaps the most impressive part of this collaboration project is that each of the partners only contributed hardware, software and services that are commercially available today.

The project relies on an early implementation of the MPEG OMAF v.2 standard under development. Tiledmedia’s Co-Founder Rob Koenen will talk about the project, and show it in operation, at Intel’s Visual Cloud Conference.

Live 360aaS, MediaKind, Hall 4.A01 and Google, Hall 14.E01
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MediaKind shows its “Cygnus 360 Events” platform, which is a 360º as-a-Service (360aaS) solution for live events built around the ClearVR packaging software.

MediaKind integrated ClearVR with its own HEVC encoder technology to enable a robust and highly scalable VR360 publishing service running on public cloud infrastructure. The service works with all applications that integrate the ClearVR SDK. This platform is used by Deutsche Telekom, and indeed it is also the platform that was used in Telekom’s shortlisted entry for an IBC Innovation Award – see below.

MediaKind will live-stream a 360 feed to the Google stand, with processing done in the Google cloud. If you visit the Google stand you can see our ClearVR tech at work in the MediaKind pod on that stand.

Personalized 8K Broadcast, Harmonic, Hall 1.B20
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Harmonic’s 8K demonstrations include the “Personalized 8K Broadcast” system that we also showed at the French Open Tennis Championship in Paris earlier this year. Powered by the ClearVR engine, the demo shows zoom and pan in a planar 8K image shot with emerging 8K broadcast cameras. It’s a great way to bring interactive 8K video to devices that can’t decode 8K video – without loss of resolution. The trick is to stream only the content that a user sees, in the resolution that they see it.

We will show the French Open tennis content and some horse jumping content that was produced in 8K specially for the IBC show.

Premier League in 8K, BT Media & Broadcast, Outdoor Exhibit 0.D02

BT Sport, present in the BT Media and Broadcast outdoor exhibit, will show several highlight videos captured in 8K at Premier League games. The clips play in Tiledmedia’s ClearVR app on an Nvidia Shield Set Top Box (!), a tablet, a phone and an Oculus Go. The highlight clips summarise a few matches that were recently distributed using Tiledmedia’s ClearVR Live platform, where the use of 8K enables higher resolution and a much more immersive experience than the 4K resolution BT Sport has been deploying to date. (See the BT Sport Streams FA Cup Final using ClearVR blog post.)

We are obviously proud to be part of BT’s exhibit; go and check it out! And perhaps there will be yet another, high-speed sport in 8K VR as well …

And Finally, an IBC Innovation Award?
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Deutsche Telekom’s live dual-camera 6K VR project has been shortlisted for an IBC Innovation Award in the category “Content Everywhere”. It was powered by ClearVR and run on MediaKind’s Cygnus 360aaS platform as mentioned above.

The competition is nothing to sneeze at, but we are optimistic!

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August 26, 2019

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