Meet Our New Interns: Carar, Dylan and Claudia

Tiledmedia turned five years old and welcomed three new interns to the team: Carar, Dylan and Claudia.

Carar is the Software Testing Intern, Dylan is a Cloud Software Intern and Claudia is the Marketing and Communications Intern.





Carar Djaaz: The Software Testing Intern

Meet Carar: He is currently studying Technical Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam. He chose to do his internship at Tiledmedia is because he wants to improve his skills on the software side of his studies. Tiledmedia was able to offer an opportunity for that. 

Carar will be with Tiledmedia for six months. He is working on a program that ensures the preparation for new updates in our App gets automated. This is a big task as these updates differ per platform. The end goal is to have a program that automatically takes new updates and uploads them to the different app stores like Google Play and the App Store. Carar is already well on his way!

As he finished up his first week, he was very glad to be a part of the Tiledmedia team. This is the first internship he will be doing for his studies and is already happy to be doing that here. 

Carar: Tiledmedia has a very pleasant vibe. I can ask loads of questions and no one gets tired of it. That is applause worthy.

Dylan Geels: The Cloud Software Intern

We also welcomed another new intern to the team: Dylan Geels. He is a student in Electrical Engineering at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and specialises in cloud and cybersecurity.

During this internship, he will be looking at the security of our cloud platform as well as be providing suggestions on further improvements. His critical and ambitious view is a perfect fit with the rest of the team.  

Dylan explains that it is a very intersting project, since this is the kind of work he could be doing after he finishes his studies. After his current bachelor’s degree, Dylan will be doing a Masters in Computer Science. Tiledmedia can prepare him for the hard work that will be coming up 😉.

In his own words: The work environment is very nice and I can learn a lot from the team about the cloud and its relation to cyber security. 

We are looking forward to working with Dylan for the next couple of months!

Claudia Gambirasio: The Marketing and Communications Intern

Claudia is a student in Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. She was very excited to start this internship at Tiledmedia. And so are we to have her in the team!

Together with our Marketing Manager Nina, she helps creating and managing online campaigns and is actively engaged in the monthly newsletter (which you should suscribe to if you have not done so already 😉).

Claudia: My first week at Tiledmedia had a bit of a turbulent start since I couldn’t come to the office due to quarantine. This didn’t stop my excitement though. I was able to start the internship with a couple of fun projects helping me to get acquainted with Tiledmedia’s solutions and the rest of the team. I got to talk to everybody and get a good taste of the comfortable working environment. I’m very grateful to have my first internship at Tiledmedia. I felt very much welcomed into the team from the beginning on. 

After her internship, Claudia will be doing a minor in Artificial Intelligence. Tiledmedia already helps her to get more and more excited about computer technologies.

If you are interested in working at Tiledmedia, check our jobs page to see if we have a suitable opening.

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April 28, 2022

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