Tiledmedia's 2021 in a Nutshell


It’s 2022 – Integrating VR into your business is now easier than ever!

Here’s a bit of a summary of what we enabled in 2021. You can do the same in 2022!

Streaming Stats and Facts

Distributing highprofile events in VR ino longer rocket science, especially with ClearVR distribution. In 2021 our customers aired the following in VR:

  • A total of 76 English Premier League and UEFA Champions League football matches.
  • Virtually all of The Hundred cricket matches,
  • All games across 5 Netball weekends,
  • 5 Extreme E weekends,
  • and many more!

Our technology also:

  • Powered Stageverse’s “Enter the simulation” Muse concert, internationally,
  • Was included in the NBC Olympics VR by Xfinity Oculus Quest and mobile apps,
  • Enabled Sympatient’s VR digital anxiety therapy.
  • And, of course, there were other projects 👏

Want to know more? Check these out:

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Rob’s Insider Review on the Tokyo Olympics

The Beijing winter games are coming up in February. To give you an understanding of what is involved in doing an event like this in VR, you can read Rob’s insider review of the Tokyo 2020 games. The insider review includes challenges and success factors and explains how ClearVR enabled the experience.

Let the Winter Games begin! – in VR please!


Next Level Immersive Virtual Concerts

In September, Stageverse  launched its virtual concert experience. In the amazing Stageverse world, users and their customized avatars can attend a Muse concert together with friends – creating the feeling of being live at the event. Discover how ClearVR enables the Stageverse experience in our blog.

Stageverse launces new concert experience

Mosaic Multiview Enables Infinite Streaming 👏

Our Mosaic Multiview solution lets your users choose what they want to see. The option to freely combine and position infinite feeds brings streaming to a truly new level, both in VR and on flat devices like phones or tablets.

Not up to date with Tiledmedia’s Mosaic Multiview? Read our blog here.

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