Celebrating Sinterklaas at Tiledmedia

Tiledmedia Sinterklaas 1

Celebrating Sinterklaas at Tiledmedia

Mosaic Sint and Tiled Piet also visited Tiledmedia! With a big chocolate T and a poem including a special verse for all Tiledmedians, the whole team enjoyed the festivities.

Sinterklaas is celebrated every year on the 5th of December in the Netherlands. During Sinterklaas, typically children (and everyone else who believes in Sinterklaas) receive sweets and presents. This is no different at Tiledmedia. However, we also combined this celebration with our own Secret Santa tradition. For this, we all drew a Tiledmedian’s name, bought a present for them and wrote a special poem.

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On the day of the event, almost everyone guessed who their Secret Santa was. From funny anecdotes that happened at the office to appreciative rhymes, everyone at Tiledmedia was involved. For Tiledmedia’s Sinterklaas event, everyone who was at the office that day gathered in the big hall to enjoy the gathering together (and with plenty of distance). Those that could not attend, joined online.

With some drinks and a delicious homemade cake by our Office Manager, Sophia, the event was ready to begin! Besides getting everyone together, it was also a great way for members who recently joined to get introduced to Tiledmedia’s winter traditions!

Do you want to join our next event? Check out our Jobs page and become the next Tiledmedian.

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December 6, 2021

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