Mees succeeds Jonne as Tiledmedia’s intern


03 Mar – Mees succeeds Jonne as Tiledmedia’s intern

While Jonne Versteeg finalised his internship at Tiledmedia, we wasted no time in finding a successor: meet Mees.

But it’s not a real replacement. Jonne studied Tiledmedia’ market opportunities for Tiledmedia in Asia, and he will defend his thesis in two weeks. Mees Kern, on the other hand, is working on the actual product.

Mees is helping us hands-on, improving the ClearVR Unity sample player. That’s the example player that we ship with the ClearVR SDK, to show our customers how to use the SDK in an actual application. (It’s actually more than that: it’s a complete tiled media player. To get started, our customers only need to add a nice skin.)

Mees studies Programming / Game Design at the Breda University of Applied Sciences, and we are lucky to have him work with us for a full half year. It didn’t take Mees long to start contributing.: His work will be part of our upcoming mega SDK release 7. (Stay tuned for more on that!)

Mees found Tiledmedia through a Dutch website listing VR companies. After interviewing with three companies from that list, he selected Tiledmedia. “Arjen and Lorenzo asked actual technical questions. I thought that was cool, the right environment for my internship.” What is also cool, according to Mees, is that he gets to work on the actual product. “It’s not like I make coffee for people, I’m actually part of the development team. It’s a very rewarding position, and I’m really learning a lot.”

We hope Mees keeps doing what he does, and who knows, he might even extend his time with Tiledmedia. It’s been discussed …

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March 3, 2020

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