New decade starts with a new hire: Marius van Eck

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09 Jan – New decade starts with a new hire: Marius van Eck

The new VR decade at Tiledmedia has started with a new employee: Marius van Eck. A local hire for a change, as Marius is from Rotterdam, complementing Tiledmedia’s international engineering team with experts from France, Germany, Italy & Taiwan.

Marius has a background in quantum mechanics and quantum crypto, and we hope to be able to deploy quantum VR one day … but for now, he is working on Tiledmedia’s encoding and back-end platforms, supporting Tiledmedia’s CTO Ray.

The job market is a seller’s market these days, and with his background and experience, Marius certainly had other options. So why did he choose for Tiledmedia in the end


Marius explains: “I was doing web development and while that was fun, I needed something that was more of a challenge. Also, I was looking to join a small, dynamic company that would expose me to all the aspects of setting up a new business, including sales, marketing, financial management, etc.. I don’t need to be doing all these things myself, but everyone is in the same compact office so I can experience how it all works and be part of the conversation. Moreover, I wanted to work for an international company, and Tiledmedia certainly is international, in its work force as well as its markets and customers.

And it’s just a cool company, with committed professionals working on exciting technology. Lastly, it’s great that such a cool company is located right here in Rotterdam, my home town. I can now ride my bike to work!”

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January 9, 2020

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