Tiledmedia adopts three new interns: Lucas, Ramin, and Saule

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08 Oct – Tiledmedia adopts three new interns: Lucas, Ramin, and Saule

Even during lockdown times, we were lucky enough to be able to add three new interns: Lucas, Ramin, and Saule. With very different backgrounds they also have very different responsibilities.

Lucas Le Faucheur works on Video Quality Assessment, using objective quality measurement tools to informs ClearVR Cloud users about the quality of their encoded VR videos. Lucas found Tiledmedia through his dad: “My dad knew about the company, having worked with CTO Ray in IETF. This was exactly what I was looking for: an international start-up, working on VR”. Both French and Australian, Lucas grew up in France and did his Bachelor in Canada. He is currently an Online Master student in Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology but he found a great apartment very close to Tiledmedia HQ.

Ramin Töpfer joined a few weeks ago. He found the internship vacancy on the “Onstage” page from The Hague University of Applied Sciences where he studies ICT Network & System Engineering. Ramin is setting up an automated test environment for the client SDKs, making it easy to test our apps and SDKs before releasing them. Ramin explains: “This saves a lot of time since you do not have to manually test every new release!” – and he is obviously right. Ramin enjoys his internship at Tiledmedia: “I like that everyone works closely together, including with daily standups where I get to know what all my colleagues are up to. Everyone here is very helpful which got me up to speed in no time.”

The most recent addition, Saule Buterleviciute, came from Lithuania to the Netherlands 4 years ago to study Bachelor of Business Administration at Rotterdam Business School. Saule is now finalizing her studies while working at Tiledmedia as an Online Marketing Intern.  “I have never known much about technology, and especially not about VR. So, the internship assignment sounded challenging and exciting: to get to know the company, their technology and services, to get to know the world of VR, and of course, to learn new practices of online marketing which I can apply at Tiledmedia or later on in my career. I am honestly happy about this new experience coming my way”.

All three interns are adding tangible value to the team and to the products. Saule is keeping a close watch on our new Google Ads campaign and adjusting it on the fly. Both Lucas and Ramin are instrumental in ensuring the quality of our core products. All three bring a good spirit to the company.

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October 8, 2020

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