Tiledmedia Adopts Two Interns: Ignas and Dilay

Two new interns

18 Mar Tiledmedia adopts two interns: Ignas and Dilay

Tiledmedia always tries to have a few interns around. They bring fresh ideas, a good spirit, and get useful work done. During the time they spend at Tiledmedia, they are an integral part of the team. This means they have many opportunities to learn – which is obviously the goal of their internship.

Even during times of COVID, we still have 3 interns in our team. Two new interns started recently: Front-End Development intern Ignas Apsega and Online Marketing intern Dilay Durgun. They will be working with us through this summer.

Ignas: Front-end Development Intern

Ignas Apsega, from Lithuania, started front-end development work on various projects. Right now, he researches and tests our customer-facing Cockpit app, for which Tiledmedia is developing a new version. As a 3rd year ICT and Software Engineering student at Fontys Eindhoven, Ignas believes this internship increases his options of working as a front-end developer or full-stack developer after his studies.

Ignas: “I was looking for an internship in Web Development. As soon as I receive my bachelor diploma, I am planning on working as a developer full-time. I applied for this internship on LinkedIn. After I had my first interview, I knew that interning at Tiledmedia would be a good opportunity to develop my skills in a real tech company. I liked that I could choose from multiple challenging assignments. Challenges are the best way to learn!

I also appreciate that the organization is small enough to build a work-relationship with everyone, even if they don’t have the same role. I see a lot of potential for Tiledmedia, and I think that Tiledmedia and its technology will grow and be successful, because I believe in the future of VR .”

Dilay: Online Marketing Intern

Dilay Durgun is an International Business and Management student at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Currently in her third year, she is very excited to work as an online marketing intern for Tiledmedia.

Dilay: ‘’My studies allow me to learn about different aspects of international business, but Marketing has always fascinated me the most. When I stumbled upon the opening for this job on my university’s internship page, I already had a good feeling that Tiledmedia was the right company for me.

It was very important for me to find a company with an international (work) environment. Tiledmedia allows me to work in English, with people from different backgrounds and target customers all over the world.

Even though I only started recently, I have learnt a lot already. I now know how to target international customers with online ads and publish blogs to capture the attention of our global audience. Furthermore, I am also developing my analytical skills. These things will certainly come in handy once I start working after my studies.’’

If you are interested in starting your internship at Tiledmedia, check out our Jobs page to see if we have a suitable opening.

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March 18, 2021

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